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What is Wheel Alignment Service in Cleveland?

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Your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicle deserves the best level of care possible. At Crown CDJR of Cleveland, we ensure that your Chrysler 300, Jeep Grand Cherokee, RAM truck, or Chrysler Pacifica always runs like it should. You can schedule wheel alignment service and visit our dealership after a short drive from Chattanooga or Charleston. We look forward to providing all of your car care needs at our CDJR Service Center.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

For the cost of the regular alignment service, you gain numerous benefits that make it worth your time. To start with, your car’s fuel efficiency will be improved. If the wheels are misaligned, you can lose up to ten percent of the expected fuel economy. You should also receive a smoother ride once the alignment is complete. It should no longer be pulling to one side as it did when the wheels were off.

With the proper alignment, the steering will also be improved. You won’t need to cling as hard to the steering wheel to keep the car under control. On top of this, the wheel alignment ensures there are fewer repairs needed. With the misalignment, the tires, the steering, and suspension take on more wear. You may have to change the tires sooner than expected, plus you could face larger repairs that you aren’t prepared for. There’s just no good reason to avoid this vital service, recommended by FCA US LLC for your Chrysler and Jeep brand vehicle in Cleveland, TN.

When Do the Wheels Need to be Aligned?

Most automakers recommend getting a wheel alignment every 6,000 miles or during each oil change. However, you can check your owner’s manual to find the appropriate maintenance schedule for your vehicle. You should also get the wheels aligned if you get new tires or add a lift kit to your vehicle. It’s also wise to check the positive camber and negative camber after suspension parts have been altered.

Besides the regular intervals, there are signs that an alignment service is required. The most common sign that wheel alignment is needed is when the car starts to pull to one side. You can also tell that alignment is necessary when the tires start to wear unevenly. Of course, this symptom could also mean that you need to have the tires rotated, which is also essential for extending the tread life. Even if you aren’t noticing any symptoms, you don’t want to ignore the benefits of this service at its scheduled intervals.

What Causes Poor Alignment?

There are two major issues that lead to poor wheel alignment. The most common is when an impact has occurred. This problem can occur after a car accident when the wheels or structure have been hit. Even if the accident was minor and you don’t see any damage, the alignment could still suffer. Even running into potholes or hitting a curb can lead to this problem. That’s why it’s important to have the wheels checked often.

The second most common reason that the wheel alignment is off is from normal wear and tear. From everyday driving, the wheels slowly move out of alignment. For this reason, you should have it checked with every oil change, just to be sure your ride is as smooth as possible. Additionally, if you’ve noticed that other parts have recently failed, either with the suspension or steering, you should double-check the alignment to ensure that it's not suffering as well. It never hurts to have our professional technicians take a look and make sure everything is calibrated.

Giving You the Best Service

When you visit Crown CDJR of Cleveland, you know exactly what to expect. You’ve learned that we offer fair market prices with all of our new and used cars, allowing you to test drive a variety of makes and models. You can find it all at our dealership or we will order it for you. Besides sales, we’ve come to be the trusted service center to local clients. From your regular maintenance, such as the wheel alignment, to major repairs, our factory-trained technicians can handle it all.

In addition, we offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy day and there are constantly new offers being posted. If you check these often, you can get better deals on the services you need anyway. Schedule your service visit today.

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