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What is the Oil Change Service in Cleveland?

Reasons to Schedule the Regular Oil and Filter Change

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Why Get Oil Changes at Crown CDJR of Cleveland

Whether you have a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or RAM vehicle, it’s always important to get a regular oil change service. You have a lot of options to choose from when deciding where to have this service performed, but none compare to the option of visiting Crown CDJR of Cleveland in TN. Not only are we located close by to Charleston and Chattanooga, but we get the job done right the first time. Schedule your oil and filter change service today.

What Type of Oil is Needed?

There are several types of engine oil that could be used. Only an expert technician will understand what type of motor oil to use in your vehicle, whether you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Chrysler 300. Back in the day, all cars ran on conventional oil. That’s no longer the case. Today, you can get synthetic motor oil during your regular oil change service. This option lasts longer and provides better protection for today’s motors. However, it does come at a higher cost.

Because of this cost, some owners prefer to use a synthetic blend. This oil provides a mixture between the conventional and synthetic, so it has exceptional benefits, but also a lower cost. There’s also the chance that you need to use a high-mileage formulation during your regular oil change service. Whether you are driving a Jeep brand vehicle or a RAM truck, our technicians can lead you in the right direction.

Benefits of the Oil Change

It’s critical that you have the oil change service performed regularly on your vehicle. Motor oil is the lubricant that keeps the motor running as it should. However, over time, this fluid becomes contaminated, allowing dirt and debris to build up in the system. If this debris is allowed to infiltrate the engine, it can cause damage that’s irreversible. By removing the oil and replacing you, it’s possible to extend the life of the motor for more driving pleasure.

What happens during the oil change service? First, our technicians locate the oil drain plug and remove it. The oil drains into the oil pan. While the oil is flowing from the motor into the drain pan, our technicians will perform a quick inspection of the car to ensure nothing else is going on. We also remove the oil filter and replace it with a new one. Some people try to perform a change without removing the filter, but this doesn’t help the car engine at all. Once the system is drained, we reinstall the plug and figure out the right amount of oil to put back in. We fill up the system, check the oil level and take your car for a test drive. Your vehicle doesn’t leave the shop until the job is done correctly, so you have nothing less to worry about.

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change Service?

To figure out when any car maintenance should be done, you should first consult your owner’s manual. In this guide, you can receive a breakdown of all of the maintenance services that must be performed. Beyond this, you can also speak to one of our qualified technicians to figure out what’s best for your vehicle. The biggest factor comes down to what type of oil is being used.

At one time, the oil change service was recommended every 3,000 miles, but that’s no longer the case. With most vehicles, it’s possible to wait 5,000 miles or more. Today’s oils are built to go longer and modern engines don’t need the same kind of care. Beyond this schedule, you also want to consider having the oil changed if you notice any trouble with the engine performance. There could be something as simple as contaminated oil or a clogged filter that can be easily repaired before engine damage occurs.

We Are Here for You

The best way to experience a fast oil change service is to schedule a Quick Lube appointment at Crown CDJR of Cleveland. We know that your time is precious, which is why we ensure you get in and out of our service center quickly. On top of that, we can offer many service specials to save you money, because there are better things to spend your earnings on. Schedule a service appointment with our qualified team today and let us protect your car’s engine.

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